February 25, 2009

Can't wait for spring!

I do a little music class once a week with some friends from church and our nursery age children. Here's a few pics of Carter playing at music class. He's always the wildest one..! We use this little sombrero for our Mexican hat dance. It actually sits on the floor and the kids dance around it, but they usually like to try it on, too! This next one is a song that you do with your teddy bear, that's why the kids have animals on their heads!
When he chooses to participate, Carter knows just what to do!

It was deceptively warm looking today...supposed to be in the 50's and it is, but the sun keeps hiding behind the clouds and it is really windy at the park! But ya know, once you've made the effort to get to the park, you have to stay and play a while!

Carter loves the swings, I have to lure him away with the promise of a snack.

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