September 18, 2008

This was the coolest part of the hike...the BEAR!

Reunion cont'd

the grandkids at the petting zoo where we rode horses
that bear is about twice as big as the one we saw
Elijah, me and the cowboy

the results of the previous evening's pedicure session


This beauty is Ammon, slumbering peacefully into the afternoon...
Part of one of the skits at the variety show--that's Sarah with the notebook, Heidi in the green, Gini in the red, Ammon and Jason to the left
Amy and Chad in their aged costume for their skit

sisters just do each other's hair when they get together. That's Amy doing Sarah's with Rachael sitting by. The Tim Guffey grandkids as still as they could be for a photo shoot. From the left: Sean, Carter, Alex, Elijah, Annabelle, Kaylee, McKayla, and Kacie.

reunion in Gatlinburg

hiking up to Grotto Falls--not such a good idea to go on a 45 minute hike with a heavy wiggly boy on your back! He hated the trip up...
Finally free of the backpack!
Carter had a blast playing in the icy water and was soon soaked.
Not much of a waterfall, but it was August.

Cool, llamas waiting for us at the trail end!

some of summer

Carter found his nose...and was pretty excited that his fingers fit right in those holes!

Aww, how appropriate! While at the Columbus temple on their 64th anniversary, we happened upon this car that said just married! Sweet family
Daddy's boy
Jason looking studly as best man for David.