February 28, 2008

Can't start too early! Hopefully Carter will stick with piano longer than Mommy did.

Visit with Jason's mission companion David

David and Kristina, the REAL reason he came to Cincinnati.
comps-lifelong buddies
Keeping baby warm.

Bath time!

Who loves the bath? Carter does! He thinks it's hilarious when you hit him with a tidal wave and you should probably wear a poncho if you're the lucky one bathing him...

Carter and Grandma having a good time.

Carter getting ready for Christmas


Carter likes Ixchel, she's not so sure about this little bald man who wants to hold her hand...!
Uh, are you sure she can handle me? I'm a squirmy worm!
It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Avilas! We love you guys!
Grandpa Hammer and Carter getting to know each other a little better.
Grandma Ruth with her grandson and great-grandson.

catching up...

Oh what fun it is to play at Sharon Woods!Especially with Uncle Ammon, Carter just adores him!
Horsing around with David Naranjo, one of Jason's mission companions in Spain who came to visit.
Post-bath happy baby, getting ready to take a chew on whatever happens to be nearby...

So we haven't posted anything in a while...not that we haven't been taking pictures or anything, it's just that dial-up is soooo SLOW! Good news, we finally got high speed! And Carter is asleep so I can post something in peace. So I'll try catching up a little bit, these pics are a little old, but I'll get to the present eventually.