March 20, 2008


I watched the most touching video online today about a baby who had a birth defect and lived only 99 days. His parents kept a video diary of each day he lived, not knowing how many precious days he would survive. It ends with the dad saying goodbye for now and that he knew they would only be separated for the rest of his earthly life. Especially at this Easter time, it is such a sweet and powerful reminder of the blessing of Christ's atonement and resurrection--that we will see our loved ones who have passed on again, that we will all live again, thanks to the wonderful gift our Savior has given us. I urge anyone who hasn't seen this video to watch it, it is so wonderful. I got so choked up, but I felt so good inside knowing that God loves each of us, His children, so much. Here is the link:
I am so grateful for my sweet little baby and the miracle that he is. Heavenly Father is so incredible to share these sweet spirits with us for a time!

March 5, 2008

Laughing Carter

Don't know what it is about a laughing baby that always makes me grin, but if you're feeling blue watch this. I bet you'll be smiling soon!

Carter's birthday party

Aww, our little boy is no baby anymore!
This is post-cake, notice the sweater is gone...soaking in the sink to get the chocolate out, but it was worth it!
He's just realizing mommy slipped a hat on him and he wants it off!
The man of the hour, stomping through his territory!
Playing with Ixchel. The yellow blur is the huge rubber duckie Grandmother and Grandfather gave him, he loves to pick it up and throw it down and burst out laughing! He's starting to quack, too!

Carter's birthday party

SNAP! Watch out Ammon!
party animals!
Andy and his little sidekick. For the record, she wanted to wear pink.
It was pretty hard to get Carter to look at the camera with all the noisemakers going off.
A little cake got his attention though. He couldn't figure out how to get it all in his mouth at the same time!

March 4, 2008

Family time

we're so glad when daddy comes home! glad as we can be..!
Carter would not let anyone else hold him but Ammon, he really loves his uncle!

On Carter's first birthday

This is so cool, I can bang on it, it reflects me and I can climb on it, too!
What is this big yellow thing?
I kind of like sitting here.
When there weren't 20 other kids crawling up it, Carter gave the slide a try.
Ready to swim!

On Carter's birthday, Jason was supposed to be out of town, but the snowstorm the night before cancelled his flight and we were all together on his big day. We took him to the mall where they had an indoor playplace and to swim at a gym we have a free trial membership at, we think he had a pretty good time!

more hodgepodge

some of Carter's first unsteady steps
He's such a helper, he likes to do laundry!
What a happy explorer he is! And what a drooler!


Goofing around with his little turtle walker, this thing really helped him pick up walking speed! He's wearing a vest Livi made for him, isn't it nice?!

Carter did remarkably well at the bowling alley, as long as we kept him well fed...

Oh Carter loves all his pretty aunts!

Carter's first Christmas

We're sitting on the new mattress set Jason got me for Christmas, very nice!
Ooh dada, what is that? Can I eat it?!
At Nana's house, Carter kept trying to eat the ball on Jason's Santa hat.

He'll shoot us for this one in a few years..! But he's such a pretty little boy!