January 16, 2009

It's fun to dress up!

So we had this Murder Mystery dinner game night and some fun friends dressed up with us.  The setting was supposed to be 1936 England at a country mansion.  My grandparents graciously let us use their home which has a "parlor" and the dining room is separated from the kitchen.  The game itself was somewhat of a letdown--it was really complicated and a little risque...but the company was fabulous!  Here are the Howards--Gil was Dr. Malcolm "Mal" Praktiss, and Sandi was an actress, we'll leave out her name...
Jason was a lawyer/golfer nicknamed "Pro" and I was the victim's secretary, a feminist whose initials were "ERA".
These are the Smiths--Tara was a famous novelist nicknamed "Ali" Biye.  Kevin was a mountaineer and the murderer!

The Belnaps--Kellee was a former model, now famous rich wife named "Flo" Wing Brooks, and her husband was a banker "Donny" Brooks.  I'm just glad they all have a sense of humor--that's exactly why we invited them!

Makin Jerky

Grandmother and Grandfather Guffey have come up with a fabulous recipe  for jerky that we've all been hooked on for quite some time.  It is a lot of work to make though, and so this year Dad decided to take over the process--with supervision of course.
Carter thinks this is Curious George...
oh the gore!
Grandfather supervising.
all I have to say is, don't shake hands with any of these people!  It sure was tasty guys!

January 8, 2009

I'm sorry to any who check on our blog how pitifully rarely anything is posted.  But it feels like too much work to post pictures and all that...so I just avoid it.  Anyway, I thought I'd just add a tidbit here.  I've just been thinking how much I love my little boy.  He is so so precious.  And I know all moms and dads think the same about their little ones and isn't that great?  It is the way it should be.  I love Carter's little giggles, his pure enjoyment of reading with me, his intense scrutiny as he concentrates on building an even higher tower of mega blocks,  the way he so eagerly reaches for his milk that he is bouncing on his tiptoes...  What a pleasure to witness his childish innocence.  I've been feeling somewhat frustrated lately that he doesn't like to stay at the childcare place at the gym while I do a group class, but then again, how can I be upset with him?  I'm not.  He's just used to having me all to himself every day, as he should be, and it's not really fair for me to suddenly drop him off in a strange new place and run away to exercise.  So instead of feeling frustrated today after he only lasted 15 minutes in the playroom before I was summoned to his rescue, I just felt so blessed that he loves me that much.  It is my bliss.