January 16, 2009

It's fun to dress up!

So we had this Murder Mystery dinner game night and some fun friends dressed up with us.  The setting was supposed to be 1936 England at a country mansion.  My grandparents graciously let us use their home which has a "parlor" and the dining room is separated from the kitchen.  The game itself was somewhat of a letdown--it was really complicated and a little risque...but the company was fabulous!  Here are the Howards--Gil was Dr. Malcolm "Mal" Praktiss, and Sandi was an actress, we'll leave out her name...
Jason was a lawyer/golfer nicknamed "Pro" and I was the victim's secretary, a feminist whose initials were "ERA".
These are the Smiths--Tara was a famous novelist nicknamed "Ali" Biye.  Kevin was a mountaineer and the murderer!

The Belnaps--Kellee was a former model, now famous rich wife named "Flo" Wing Brooks, and her husband was a banker "Donny" Brooks.  I'm just glad they all have a sense of humor--that's exactly why we invited them!

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Cassie said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We did that with some friends once and it was a blast! I think Jeff was an inspector and I was a flight attendant who turned out to be a secret agent :)