April 23, 2008


Thought it was lemons, but it turned out to be lemonade...
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When Jason and I got married, I was going to school at BYU in Provo, UT and he was in Idaho. We decided to live in Cincinnati, although it would be a pain to transfer credits and we ended up doing more time in school than we could've gotten away with had we stayed out west. But it just felt right to live at home in Cinci. So after we realized how frustrating the whole school -credits-getting into new programs process was, we really wondered, why didn't we stay at BYU?! We didn't have to wonder too long, though. We found out Jason's dad (Mike) had lung cancer about a year and a half later. It would have been really awful to be living in Utah while he was here in Ohio and not knowing how much time he had left and not being able to be with him. So we got to spend a lot of time with him that we otherwise would have missed because we stayed in Ohio. That time and those memories are obviously irreplaceable and trump any inconvenience in transferring and making up credit hours. We're thankful that Heavenly Father led us to make the right decision in moving back home. Mike hung in there until Carter was born and died on Easter Sunday last year. We really miss him and are sad that Carter will not get to play with his Grandpa and learn his handyman ways. But we know we will see him again and are grateful for the comfort that gives.
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April 3, 2008

bedtime ritual

April 2, 2008


Carter checking out his new toy Daddy so cutely set up with his stuffed animal friends. Carter LOVES his animals, he carrys them around and lays on them and hugs them, so sweet!
He thinks it's pretty great!
He is a pro at the slide already!
Carter looks like he's scheming on some devious plan for mommy...
No, not my sweet little boy!

Heeeey hillbilly! Carter's first ridin' mower experience. He was scared of the noise until he got to ride on dada's lap. Yes, the hood is missing...but it gets the job done a whole lot faster! yep, I think we're done dada.

Just love the weather here in Ohio...not!

Our big snowstorm of the year--check out the 5 foot drifts on the deck!
Very pretty, just really glad I didn't have to be at work! Although, I had to work the night it started and Dad waited up for me to get off work at 11:45pm and picked me up in GM's 4wheel drive Tahoe--my hero!
Thought it would be fun to take Carter to an Easter egg hunt...bad idea. It was packed and most kids walked away with an empty basket (Carter didn't stand a chance!), it was FREEZING and windy and muddy...I hate it when the weather doesn't cooperate.
Da-da kept Carter warm.
Grandma came over on Easter Sunday.