May 22, 2010

Julia is growing way too fast! She is so snuggly and kissable and sweet and I'm afraid she's going to outgrow it! I sure hope not. She is such a good little baby. We are really enjoying her. I was trying to decide which dress Julia should wear for her pictures so she and Carter posed a lot for me. Problem is, all the dresses were so darn cute on her it was a tough choice.
She's such a patient child. She didn't cry a bit while Carter tried to hold her!

Carter's favorite thing to do--wrestle with Daddy and be tickle-tortured.

This is Carter with the flowers he made me for Mother's day at "big boy school". We sat and watched all the other classes sing some songs, but Carter's class I guess was too young to do it and he was so sad! He kept saying, "Mommy I wanna go up there and sing!" Not shy that one.

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